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Concept-orientation is a new emerging programming, data modelling and computing paradigm. The main purpose of this site is to serve as a growing resource sharing and organizing the work and thoughts on this new direction in computer science for those interested in learning about it.

[NEW] DataCommandr Engine Java. It is an open source Java library which implements the concept-oriented expression language (COEL) for describing data transformations and a high performance column-oriented data processing engine for their execution. It can be viewed as a Big Data calculator or Big Data spreadsheet because it provides an easy way to define quite complex data transformations. The source code for the project can be found here:

[NEW] Concept-oriented expression language (COEL) is new column-oriented formula language for easily defining data columns in terms of already existing data columns as opposed to the classical row-oriented approach where data tables are defined in terms of other tables.

[NEW] COEL formulas Examples of formulas written in the concept-oriented expression language (COEL) such as calculated columns, link columns and accumulation columns.


Getting Started

  • FAQ on the Concept-Oriented Programming (COP)This FAQ is intended to answer questions on the concept-oriented programming. In particular, it introduces and explains main COP principles, main COP constructs and mechanisms, and main COP programming patterns.
  • FAQ on the Concept-Oriented Data Model (COM)This FAQ answers such questions as what is the concept-oriented data model (COM) syntax and semantics, what are concepts and items, dimensions and relationships, grouping and aggregation. It also covers some implementation issues and provides a comparison with other data models and data modeling approaches.
  • Concept-oriented model: unifying domain and relation modeling, Video, Slides


Forthcoming Publications

  • A. Savinov, Concept-oriented model: the functional view, (submitted).


  • [NEW] A. Savinov, Concept-oriented programming: from classes to concepts and from inheritance to inclusion, Eprint: arXiv:1501.00720 [cs.PL], 2015. PDF
  • [NEW] A. Savinov, ConceptMix: Self-Service Analytical Data Integration based on the Concept-Oriented Model, Proc. 3rd International Conference on Data Technologies and Applications (DATA 2014), Vienna, Austria, 29-31 August 2014, 78-84. PDF, Slides
  • A. Savinov, Concept-oriented model, Encyclopedia of Business Analytics and Optimization, J.Wang (Editor), IGI Global, 502-511, 2014. PDF.
  • A. Savinov, Concept-Oriented Programming: Classes and Inheritance Revisited, Proc. 7th International Conference on Software Paradigm Trends (ICSOFT 2012), Rome, Italy, 24-27 July, 2012, 381-387. PDF
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