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Alexandr Savinov - Data Commander

Alexandr Savinov - Data Commander


Lambdo: Feature engineering and machine learning: together at last!

Lambdo is a workflow engine which significantly simplifies data analysis by unifying feature engineering and machine learning operations.

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Bistro: a new approach to data processing

Bistro is a light-weight column-oriented data processing engine which changes the way data is being processed. It is based on a new data model and is an alternative to conventional SQL-like languages, map-reduce and other set-oriented approaches. Bistro can be applied to many problems like data integration, data migration, extract-transform-load (ETL), big data processing, stream analytics, big data processing, IoT analytics.

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Stream Commandr (2016-2017)

Data Commandr (2013-2016)

Expert System Shell EDIP (1989-1999)

Fuzzy Calculator (1989-1999)

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Full list of publications: PDF

Recent publications

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Previous selected publications

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